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If lenders have data about you under a name not listed above, or you are currently known under a different name, then we may have an inaccurate picture of your credit.
By letting us know all the names you are known by, your credit report will be more accurate and lenders can make better decisions

An extra name on your report is called an alias. Add an alias for spelling variants, name changes after marriage or divorce, or other reasons you are known under another name.

The main name on your credit report is:

Date of birth

Lookup an address to monitor
Add a manual address to monitor
Add an alias

I confirm that the above information is correct and Experian may update their records with the information I have given.
I understand that if I make a false statement and obtain finance that I would not have otherwise obtained as a result I may be guilty of a criminal offence.I also understand that Experian may verify the details I have given against their own records.

If you tell us that you are now or have in the past been known by another name, we will:

Update our records with the information provided.

Supply information in each name to lenders in order for them to take your full credit history into account when you apply for credit.